If you are thinking about home SMART Technology Arvorla can install the components of your electrical devices for you to control and monitor your automated system in your smart and modern home. Once our job is finished we will issue an electrical installation certificate to verify the job meets the Irish Standard cable criteria.


Home owners are opting for LED Lighting as they consume less energy as they throw the same amount of light. Not only are they stylish and contemporary looking their energy efficiency and longevity provide value in the long term. Arvola installs light fittings and switches and install lighting systems to suit the style of your home.


If you are considering a re-wire in your home or replacing older and unsafe installation, Arvola has consistently provided the highest grade of service to our customers over the years. Old fittings and installations need replacement after for houses that are 30 years or older due to general wear and tear. With our vast amount of experience, we can complete work in a detailed clean manner with the least amount of disturbance to your home.